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"Jump Up Quickly"

[Sample: Eek-A-Mouse]

[Chorus: Soom T]
So we jump up quickly
But we're bothered not fine you would like to get risky
'membered you were silly
Come ditty with a pretty chicky for the good days
So when you get with me
We can tell em what to do before we rip it
Up like a bong get busy
Yeah muckin with the sound gettin high in the city

[Verse 1: Soom T]
Sick of your chat and we'll both die
Gettin me wired through the sub
And the bass slap singing what?
When my first yap yap and the bass slap
Off a raw rap and a fat track
And erase a' the rats
Look at that skittered with a bat
Rugged to the ra like a yaya
On the ganja making dub slap
For the ones who rap
Like a boom in the GYAH
I'm sick of your chat
With the tat tat, tic tac
No white nuns in black
Fleein the bee attack
Killers and I loose
The words that I don't know where to look
See a mouse to a foot
Don't wanna end up wasted lackin no boot
I disgrace it for the sticker from my lime Paul shoe
With a jammy I am for the keenos
I'd concur if it were true
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