Do You Remember Those Days Of Slavery lyrics


Do you, do you remember those days of slavery?
It wasn't black man alone who died through bravery
Though some a dem threw themself over board
Because dis ya slaveship overload [Scatting]

It wasn't black man alone, that really, really suffer as slaves
But we suffer the hardest way until today [Scatting]

Some a dem commit suicide
And through disease we caught, some a dem died
Di whole world a cry, dem a cry, dem a cry, dem a cry [Scatting]

Do you, do you remember those days of slavery?
Through crooked rocks, dangerous ocean, in ya dis ya, civilisation

Me said, a do you, do you, really remember
When it was, the day of slavery
Chiney man, Indian, white man died through bravery
But as black man, we suffer as slave
The hardest way, until today
But a so dey say, but a-so, but a-so dey say [Scatting]

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