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Jake Hill


Rolling in a 'Rari
Solo with no set
Sorry, I'm not sorry I'll be flexing 'till I'm dead
I got b*t*hes in my head
Hands up on my chest
Sorry, I'm not sorry I'll be flexin' till I'm dead
I got diamonds for the woes
Don't f**k with no hoes
Sorry, I'm not sorry b*t*h you can't come to my shows
I got Gucci to my socks
Like my name Ferg
Sorry, I'm not sorry Imma dump the clutch and swerve
I got two phones
One for the main girl
One for the side girl
All I know is flex
Gold shine when I pipe her
Yeah, they f**kin' with me now
Roof-top snipers
Got so much cash on me
Ain't no need for swipin'
Pulled up roof missin'
Drop top, too vicious
Two b*t*hes in the back seat
Fast speeds in da whip
Check the (drip)
Love the way she shake her hips
Roll the dank pour dat drank
Shotty come and take a sip
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