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"찬란 (CHALLAN)"


[Verse 1]
Brilliant, they say, they say
What a brilliant, young boy
My future is so radiant, so pretty
A script that is too meaningless for me to carefully mention
There is no Earthling to take my place
The moment they got sick of the rappers in the Korean hip-hop scene
On 19 September 2012
My voice first came out in the world, next was Seong-man-i, uh
Our heat is like Aldrich Killian
An illusion always made in watching from a distance
We believe in the truth, it’s not religion
My flow that you're using, um, is exactly from one to two years ago
The passion in your chest that told lies, is silicon
Black Eyed Peas will.i.am's Elephunk
Inspired by Pharrell Williams, John Williams
My premium music that is well-ripened, the kids suck it
I am really young Willy Wonka
Create it, what has become my responsibility, hip-hop millenium

Rappers, dead, BewhY is wicked
This scene that's become foul, I can't be fooled now
Here are reserved seats for hip-hop losers with no standards
Face of jealousy, euh, it's ugly
My fans, raise your head, you need to see, hand in hand
My fans, they know hip-hop, our helping hand, he needs it
On to the next hit, here there is no exit
I listen to my own music
I’m on Rolls-Royce back seat

[Verse 2]
Play what's his later, time is ticking, tick-tock
Time is too valuable, ah, sorry for it was I who was late
I do hip-hop, hay, I almost did pop music, hay
Last year, that hip spot you wished for is in the middle of BewhY's trace
Today and tomorrow paper is the BewhY chaser
Wake up, ya, I am awake right now
Yourselves' oppas' legendary verses, all of it is here
This place flowing with milk and honey is my Father's land
Radiance is mine, also my naught that is radiant
My soul, my body, in my hands the radiant Bible
I am a radiant boy, my not very old age is 20 and six
They're trying too hard to exceed me, huh, overdoing it, bish
Hey, hey, now is BewhY's comeback season
After a single period of inactivity, my music jumps up
Good things follow behind me, my name opened the path
Nevertheless, I am not at all perfect
What I achieved whilst you weren't watching
Spirituality in the studio wetted with my sweat, conversation
Pictures so wonderful are to rip the middle of the hip-hop ground
Oppa's gone crazy, ah
Oppa's been regarding this part of the Incheon ground, ah, as his funds
Lousy childhood troubles, cleaning it away- away
There is only sorry I feel for the hip-hop fans
Let's show it to the world, our dance
Soon at the peak, dejavu, it will only be us
The fact that we are not Koreans, now it has become your compliments
Denied of my own blood, my own skin, this isn't what I wanted
If 'real' is when my face is the color of black
Why can't everyone realise the answer to whether I should blacken my skin or not?
I don't let my pants hang low anymore
Different from him that is pretending to be Black, my identity is Korean
(Korean, Korean, Korean, Korean, Korean, Korean)

[Verse 3]
BewhY's new style, BewhY's world
Design it, who is spitting like this
Thinking's become outstanding, a plan superior of the superior
I am a rapper who has dirty tricks, weird, look down upon me
The childish kids are positioned just as childish kids, everytime
All of you are miserable, I have awoken from my deep slumber
BewhY, again, lifting his foot
My shoes on the very top of this land is the brightest step
My heart which had only obsessed over fresh, new rapping is excited
Everyday, Imanuel God filling the blank spot of Dejavu

Last night in my dream
There was me who had fulfilled my words of climbing to the peak
Words which I had repeated like a habit
To me I said
Just do what you've always been doing
You already will meet us here
My name which transcended the world's expectations
Engrave it onto my heart
My life which I have to live through exactly as my reason of birth and purpose
Dejavu, Dejavu, Dejavu, yeah
Dejavu, Dejavu, we transcend
Dejavu, Dejavu, Dejavu, yeah
Dejavu, Dejavu, we transcend

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