Stay down lyrics

Lucas Coly

Ay, Lucas Coly yeah

I got many many in my cold now
They did me dirty so I can't give a f**k know
It’s like everywere I go they show me love now
I just want a couples foreigners in the bus down
sh*t no matter what I go thru I got to stay down
I got family counting on me so I'mma stay down
I went true hella sh*t but I'mma stay down
Told my homies we go get it, got stay down

[Verse 1]
Told my self I got work and never brake down
So up in the kush I’m up in my grind so let it brake down
n***as hating I'mma need couples K's now
b*t*h got to go and get it I can't wait now
Press good pressure get my mind go
I just know got to get it for my time gone
It's so many people I can't wait to shinе on
Could they all did me dirty let's my mind blow
And еverybody say they are loyal and they hate you
But I ain't really trippin’ you know what, that what fame do
Could they still show me love when I came thru
You let your fame happy head up it’s gon' change you
I got dirty dirty in my cup, couples n***as hate me I don’t give a f**k
This n***as sucking d**ks for the love
If you do it for the likes you are a scrub

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