Backbone lyrics

Lucas Coly

Aye Lucas Coly
I need some sh*t I can tell a story too some
I need some sh*t I can talk

Aye damit
Aye ya got my backbone ay lil mamma bend my backbone
I just need somebody I can lean my back on
I just made a play on my cellphone
Aye 20 piece playing with a 20 piece
Riding round tryna plot on what I finna be
Aye got demons in my head I wanna live in peace
Give a f**k about a n***a that ain't feeling me

Put your mind to it, true be what you wanna be
You know I'mma go get it it's in front of me
Say he finna gon' make a move he a wannabe
Tell him pull up n***a it's just one of me
I don't understand these n***as
I take a puff of that kush now I'm gone
You want to play with me lil n***a
Keep it private we gon' give you what you want

[Verse 1]
I just wanna get that water like a faucet
n***a I just want the flakes like it's frosted
I just pull up on the scene and he lost it
Why the f**k these n***as act like they pop sh*t
I just wanna know the truth
I just wanna know the truth
How you don't fight but you gon' shoot
That don't make since thats not what real n***as do
I'm blowin' og out the coupe
Lookin' both ways cuz I know how n***as move
If you made it my way then n***a I salute
How can I hate on you?
We both the same n***as, in a way (ya,ya)

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