TYRON Ending Poem lyrics


Statistically speaking I'm satire
Please don't laugh, really
Fanatic, I'm a fascist for everything that's attractive
Visually pleasing although it's misleading
You never know 'til you get there
Kinetic energy
What a way to live
We are but LEGO bricks
Stuck in a rut 'til something clicks
We come together rubbin' sticks
We couldn't get an ember
Fly like penguins feed the hatchlings
Our sickness
Huck it up back and forth like a hockey puck
Resembling our crooked ways
The things we do for warmth
Or at least malnutrition
At lеast you're half healthy
Somewhat lеss ignorant
'Cause we know it all

I made this with the intention of showing two sides of the story, both sides of the fence. As you know there's more than one layer to each person and I just hope you can understand, and I hope this helps you understand yourself a little better. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your time. You're forever appreciated.

Lots of love,


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