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"Necromancer ( Kicked Out Of Wizard School)"

Resurrected through time and space
Born again to rip off your face
Evil wizard born from hate
A million graves he'll desecrate

I conjure from my book
Your grandmothers bones I took

I live again

A thousand armies
Commanded under me
In necromancy
I have a degree


He dresses in a wizard hat
His minions got a baseball bat
Necronomicon he has read
Necromancer, master of the dead

I am the one
Satans son
The master of the dead
He'll take a sh*t down your head

This is the part where the audience goes
"Hey hey" etc right?
But this is a studio record, so I can't do that
However if I ever play this in like antarctica
You know what the f*ck to do

I conjure from my book
Your grandmothers bones I took
Cuz I'm the necromancer I don't give a sh*t
If you don't like it you can suck my di*k
Resurrection is my crime
Necromancy when its bedtime

I'm kicked out of wizard school
Because black magic is too cruel
Whatever don't need 'em anyway
Cuz my skeletons spells their doomsday

My minions they conquer all
And then I'll cast a fireball

My black magic is the best
Your grandma's bones is put to the test
I go around and desecrate
An army I will create
Out of bones

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