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"Viral Warfare"

No cure for the common cold
Viral disease spreads tenfold
If you cough phlegm my way
I will kill you with an ashtray

They call me viral warfare
Immunity I impair
Not deadly, just annoying
With your immunity I'll be toying

Can you feel it in the air
Grocery stores you should beware
That's the place most people get sick
Just letting you know
Avoid that sh*t

Have you ever wondered
"How did I get sick?"
Here's your stupid answer
"It was me, I'm a di*k"
Walking sick nightmare
I'll infect you anywhere

Oh its the season
Its the flu
I'll cough on you


Get the nyquil

Back again
I'm bacterial
Not deadly enough for a funeral
But I still annoy
Cannot get rid of me
Modern science won't disagree
Its all crappy

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