Super Earthworm lyrics


[Midi I. 0:00 - 3:46]

Aaahh... Ahh... Ohh... Ahh...
Christ on the cross

(Verse 1)
Super Earthworm
There's a Super Earthworm crawling around
Super Earthworm
Super Earthworms are big
There's a Super Earthworm on the floor

(Verse 2)
Super Earthworm
Super Earthworm on the floor
It's a Super Earthworm
The biggest earthworm on the wall
Super Earthworm
Super Earthworm is big

(Bridge 1)
Super Earthworm
Aaaaahhhh ahh Super Earthworm
It's a big super
Super Earthworm

(Verse 3)
Super Earthworm
He is the big c*m
He has the balls
To make a massive laser explosion
Hе big sex explosion
He is
Hе is save the universe and eat a McDonald

(Verse 4)
He is the new Jesus
Welcome to earthworm sex
Big semen eating big d**k
He eat
He eat

(Verse 5)
Eating big c*ck
The universe has ended
The universe will be saved
In the dark is the dawn
You feel the light from the sky
This is earthworm sex
He is here to die
They put a condom on the man so that it will stick to his teeth
He's a bad boy
We're all sinners, you and me
Hell, we really are

(Spoken interlude)
"I never got one of them condoms, I just wanted another chance"
"I wanted the feeling of getting up in the morning to find out and take the dog for a walk"

[Midi II. 3:46 - 5:56]

(Bridge 2)
We are all sinners in bed
"It was only a dream, not a real dream"

(Verse 6)
What is worse
The act or lack of an act
An act
A thing that happens
I do not like to make a claim
I think this is what will make the biggest difference
When someone wants to put this into words, I feel like I would rather say "It's not what you think."
"Well it happens to men and women too so it isn't the case"
"I'm not sure it's that dangerous"
A person who's afraid of something
A person who's afraid of life
"Why is she scared?"
"She is scared that someone will take her"
"He is an as*h**e"

(Spoken interlude)
This is the last one

(Chorus 2)
Earthworm super
In the pasta
He is the as*h**e
This is the chorus
Earthworm super
You feel it now
Oh yes
Now you feel it complete

(Spoken interlude)
Next song

[Midi III. 5:56-6:44]

(Verse 7)
Your sh*t is coming out
Earthworm super you f**king suck an ass
Earthworm super you're gonna get yourself to hell in a handbasket
No doubt
Earthworm super - f**k that sh*t's great f**k the f**king as*h**e
f**k the as*h**e - f**k it up
I don't like these lyrics
No no no I don't like these lyrics

[Midi IV. 6:44-7:21]

Don't like that
Let's not sing these lyrics cause they are not nice
What if I translate it back to Chinese

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