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Yung Gravy

[Verse 1: Yung Beans]
Beans and yo' b*t*h havin' lunch with ya lady
Drown in the deep with your boy and Yung Gravy
Droppin' the anchor she wet like the navy
Main b*t*h is boring but my side b*t*h is crazy
That's not my b*t*h so I'm not 'bout to wife her
Gonna lay the pipe like the f**kin' pied piper
Shot her in the face no American Sniper
Bill for the date on your windshield wiper
Got the au jus she get dunked like a French dip
Pulled out in time so she'd never get pregnant
Four-wheel drive in that snatch like a redneck
Found her online 'cause that pu**y was high tech
She holdin' my d**k like a napkin
Givin' me head, no aspirin
It's even fine if you still love someone

[Verse 2: Yung Gravy]
Pull up to the club in that f**kin' Ford Taurus
Side b*t*h Judy but my main b*t*h Dolores
Simply might go on the beat, no chorus
Pull up and I flex like I'm f**kin' Chuck Norris
Betty Crocker in that mix
Gravy pull up on your b*t*h
Gravy with the sh*ts looking like a lick
Might hit yo' b*t*h with a f**kin' dropkick
Put that ice straight on my tooth
Brought that sh*t straight to the booth
Pull up to the club and they raise that roof
Yo' mom disappeared like poof (Woah)

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