Intro lyrics

Tokyo Jetz

So many n***as crossed me that's why I ain't got no feelings
Beat the double cross I don't even want no dealing
U ever love somebody bad u try to get they flaws
All the f**ked up sh*t they do u blame yo self for all they wrongs
I ain't asking for no help don't need no handout
I'ma shine all through the dark, make sure I stand out
n***as claimin' that they for u sh*t that ain't wat be peepin'
Try to tell myself they love me sh*t that's just what I be thinking
Heart been made of gold I just started matching energies
Know n***as I just met that love me more then n***as kin to me
Put u in my shoes u can't question out my reasons
He got hit like he got hit so y yo people ain't still breathing
Hoes be in my comments wishing death like they control it
Pull up and foul out right on a b*t*h with all that trollin'
You been on my d**k I shoulda known it from the jump
Won't expose u on the gram I hit yo phone I'm like wat up
Been through all types of sh*t I speak on different situations
U can't treat me like no burden end on top right in they faces
Wanted me to fail stupid b*t*hes hypocritical
Spend so much time trolling act like they wanna get rid of u
Sit and they wish death right on my baby he ain't even walk-in
Wished COVID took me out the game b*t*h I ain't even coughing
b*t*hes hash tagging steady tweeting bunch of words act like they mean em
Ain't no win apologized but u can't satisfy no leeches
They rather drain me of whatever flood my mentions with yo hate
I took it all ain't drop my head them hoes wanted me to break
Ain't give af about my mental cancel culture got y'all evil
How u stand up for something now and then go run do something equal
Finally said I don't give a f**k, I know my wrongs, I got some rights
b*t*h don't think u done did yo part cause u DM me with the hype
b*t*h don't act like I'm detached when confused and y'all be blinded
In the hood just like a light and I ain't ever tried to hide it
I ain't ever claimed no other b*t*h I'm black ain't tryna change it
They b yelling we ain't forgot we'll b*t*h me either so let's frame it
I'ma gone n set the mood since y'all b perfect n confused
I done seen so many deaths when yo duck ass just seen the news
U can't tell me how to grieve when I done seen it face to face
You ain't been down praying to god bring em back to switch yo place
I done been through too much trauma u can't tell me how I felt
Won't let me see me cry but u can't tell me I ain't care
U can't tell me how to deal when U ain't ever had my cards
U can't tell me how to smile cause u ain't ever been this scared
f**k the critics they just that internet got y'all confused
Y'all just ride whatever wave do whatever everybody do
Y'all ain't even for no cause just be talking with no meaning
Tryna make a tweet go viral like it's beef when they be vegan
Sure I use to be the sweetest bullsh*t turned me to a demon n***a

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