Flu Game lyrics

Tokyo Jetz

I'm on some [?] sh*t
Clear my throat and sh*t
This my flu game
Y'all got me f**ked up
f**k it

Aye you ain't gotta send no message, check no reference, b*t*h I'm realer
Hit my phone up, press decline, tryna book me, hit his line
I'm well respected, hang with shooters
Nasty b*t*h, give brain like tutors
Head go dumb, I'm talking reckless
Put lil 23 on my necklace
Lazy flow, lazy b*t*h
Mad bread, she crazy rich
Ain't no drop tops, tinted up
I need big Bs, Bentley trucks
I need Ms on top of more
I need marble, heatеd floors
I need butlers, uncle Phil
Need more figurеs with that deal
Don't compare me to no b*t*h, I'm in my lane, I ain't got swerve
Send no slurs, cause if I said it, I'm gon stand on every word
Let's play big bank with your n***as
I like me against your clique
I can't f**k with no rap n***as
They too busy riding d**k
Aye lets count money
Google telling y'all, I'm worth like half a mil
Suck my d**k, I ran through 5, like right before I fixed my grill (Cheese!)
You can book me in your city, open up, you know the drill
I turn 2 to 4 like magic, b*t*h I'm David Copperfield
Ain't no vouchs or no fillers
Don't need no makeup, or no filters
Got his Jpay, sent some bread
Free my people, he went FED
You can't talk sh*t on the net
And get round me act like you scared
How you smoking opps on Tuesday
Tuesday night, they say you dead
They like she raw, she next to blow
Tell me some sh*t I ain't know
On a list of real n***as, you gon be right next to hoes

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