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"Stand down"

[Verse 1: Rowlan]
Yo this type of sh*t that make Charlamagne mad
Said I’m a dog
Type to make her wanna train that
No leash on me
Ambition full of pay back
A lot of doubt
I’ll confront that on my way back

I’ll come back through

[Verse 2: Rowlan]
Ride for the show
Die for the code
Kill when it's time
Put the drill to they mind
Feel when it's wrong
Live with my choice
Feel out the ground
Give us a voice
Gotta say when it's true
Gotta know to do
Rev the semi
Like a hemi
And aim when I shoot
Gotta bang when I go
Gotta say what I know
Gotta give what I get
Gotta live with respect

Gotta live with respect
It’s the code it’s just how it goes

[Verse 3: Rowlan]
Yo by the looks of it
I really am the crook of it
Said I’m the cook of it
The dope the streets are putting in
Feel like a manic one
Leave my ma like damnit son
But still politically correct
Enough to manage funds
And shakes hands
Just to sell out the stage
Under dressed
But over looked and paid
Lay my thoughts and let the paper rain
Make nothing into something like I’m David Blaine
Pull up on New Life
And let the taper fade
Floating through the city
Like a day parade
Close down Fifth
f*ck you mean
We on ten now
East coast legend
Self made
Put the pen down
Cops wanna tell us hands up
Understand now
Jake tell your friends
Who we are
He stand down

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