Y. Chang
Starting now
No more rules allowed
Cause I'm throwing off the shackles
I'm breaking free and skipping the toll
No stopping me I sprint to my goal

Even if I lose my way
I'll make it okay
Healing wounds from the path that I've sown
I'll change the threads of fate turn 'em into my own

Shining brightly for all to see
I hold my destiny
Just like a star
Who knew I'd come this far
'Cause life's too short to sit there crying
And I'm too busy flying
With luck my guide and friend
I'll see it right through the end

Blazing wildly, burning out
I wanna scream and shout
All through the night
Cause I was born to fight
Until the day I finally reach you
I'll make my dreams come true
'Cause starting now today
It's time to find my own way
But with my rules