Y. Chang
Hikaru Nara
[Verse: Sapphire, Bryson, Rikatwoo, Momoki & Parabolic]
Just like a rainbow bright and warm after a hazy summer storm
Flowers blooming fresh with drops of dew
Watching you stare into the sky in the crimson sunlight
That's when I fell in love with you
Each moment in a picture frame
I'm holding on no single shot will ever fade
The movie of this love every part deep within my heart

[Chorus: All]
You are the spark my light in the dark
Brilliant and bold through the night
Bright as the sun no matter what comes
We can be stars if we shine

Don’t ever hide those feelings inside
Whenever you’re sad or you’re blue
When you can’t cope don’t ever lose hope
The stars shine their light over you

[Outro: All]
Every wish we’ve made has brought us here together
'Til forever
Underneath the stars and moon and sun we look to the future as one