Ya Minko
Foreign Tales (Moonchild “The Truth” Remix)
[Intro - Ya Minko]
How you doing?
How's your day been going?
How are things going?
I don't man, it's the same sh*t...
Different day

I'm really glad you're here though...
Thanks for coming
Hum, and... Listen

[Verse - Ya Minko]
Truth is, I got scared when I saw you
Caught in the moment reconsidered the nature of things
Distracted by your beauty and wondering if it's real
My hasty desires couldn't keep up with my fascination, and my mind is racing...

Erasing every instance of sexually rogue intentions
I wanna feel your presence, I want to know your emotions
I want to kiss your lips in ways you'll know this time it's different
I don't want a vacation, I want lifetimes of vacations with you

On private islands where they won't find us
Palm trees will sing your names, while I digest your private juices
Pardon my language I barely speak it myself...
I look at you with affection, and in silence I process

The fact that maybe the physical is limited after all...
Cause the way I want you makes me want to f**k you with my soul
& I know I sound intense but reality's kind of dull
I wanna paint the sky with your smile and understand your thoughts

I'm too young not to be reckless but you terrify me
In the way holding a million dollars must be terrifying
In the way knowing the last 4 digits of nuclear codes, that could erase the world has to be terrifying

The way you smile makes me wanna better the word outside
So you never have to ever worry about your life
Or worry about your kind wanting to rob of your shine
I feel like keeping an eye out, you're it, & that's without doubt

I dont have a much else to offer but myself
& I guess I could promise you better days...
But really I just want you here everyday
So I can love you in ways you'll never wanna leave again
And if ever you leave again, just make sure you come back the same

With your worries and your pain so I can get'em off your back
With your enemies, gimme names so I can get'em off you back
With your dreams, show me your dreams and I'll make sure we stay on track
One day at a time, until the world can see your light like I do

This ain't just about what happened recently...
I saw beauty in your spirit a long time ago it stuck with me
My life is chaotic I'd hate to see you get caught in it...
I know where I'm going but it's a journey that is filled with risks

Meaning caring is terrifying, i got hurt badly
By people who took advantage of my will to see them happy
Then forgot about me, threw dirt on my name and lied about me
Then hugged me and public cause they knew they would be lost without me

Truth is I'm very unhappy I've been depressed lately
& it won't go away, it haunts me so I barely sleep
A couple hours in your presence I forgot
How much I hated being alone these days
Especially, late at night

If you understand how I feel you must be who I'm talking about
& I say those words with no pressure, it's been heavy on my mind
I'm expressing those words on records cause regular talk feels foreign to me...
What better way to tell the tale of your foreign beauty?

[Outro - Ya Minko]
& That's the whole story
You got hurt badly, I got hurt badly
You a little baddy, with a Badu a body
I've been bad lately, & clearly more than a little a clumsy
Give it time really, this probably happened already...
Very authentic, the energy of an angel
You fascinate me in ways that I could only describe
Through dedicated action
Consistent attention and abundant pleasure
In ways you'll remember that I'll remember you forever
Hold my hand, & I won't the truth from you
There is always more where good is home

Foreign tales