Ruston Kelly
1000 Graves
[Verse 1]
You could run a thousand roads
And never end up nowhere
Pierce through your hands a thousand holes

And never know the cross you bear

Maybe I was born inside a shadow
I'm always starving for the light
The only roads I seem to follow
Are the ones leading to the night

You can dig a thousand graves
You're never gonna bury that ghost
Floats up from the ground and a caution that hangs
Hangs in your hair like a Jesus stone
Crashing down too far from heaven
Fell too short of a million things
Try to put the pieces back together
It's what I get for flying on broken wings

[Verse 2]
Sick of dying in these nights
I wanna feel alive in the world
Wanna straighten out all my crooked lines
And then I'm gonna marry that girl

Because I believe that love can save you
When it comes in quiet and rises slow
Takes the depths out of the darkness
So you don't have to fall that far alone
So you don't have to face it on your own