[Verse 1: MLE]
You got me weak, babe
Swear you got control of me, babe
But I don't wanna be set free, babe
'Cause you're exactly what I need, babe
Thought that we could take it easy
But now I know that you don't need me
You know it's good for me to see
'Cause you with her and she ain't me

[Pre-Chorus: MLE]
You know
That everybody knows it's fantasy
Just what you do to me
Oh, girl, the situations bangin' in my head
Just better left unsaid

[Chorus: MLE]
And, oh
There's nothing really I could ask you
But, you should know the truth, girl
But every time you speak, babe
You got me weak, babe

[Verse 2: MLE]
No, I ain't jealous, don't get this twisted
But I kinda miss it, having you in my bed
And now I [?] in my head
Got [?]
I've been thinking 'bout it, oh
But you know I'll be fine, you get it all the time
We know this won't last, baby, you'll come back
But you don't have to trap like you did before
If you do me that way, you'll make me stay wanting more
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