Diss God
Behzinga Diss Track
[Verse 1]
Out of all the sidemen you got the least amount of subs
And yo fat a** looking like the little chubby boy from "UP"
Man you upload every day I get more views uploading weekly
Someone tell me why this man looks like the fat Ronald Weasley
Seen him try to talk to girls I was cringin' to death
Can't blame him he's a loser he was tryin' his best
No sus but he probably got some real nice breasts
I can't tell if it's Behzinga or the real life Shrek

[Verse 2]
Yeah you're about to take this L
But weight is what you need to lose
KSI that's your daddy without him you'd get no views
I could call up KSI and tell him kick you from the crew
All your biggest vids are collabs yeah it wasn't cuz of you
I start trends you play fifa boy just stay in your lane
I saw you playin' soccer you should stick to them games
You got 2 mil subs in a year I got 5
Boy you so irrelevant this was a waste of my time

Like seriously dawg this was such a waste of time
Noone knows who the f**k you are
I'm helping you out
I never wanna see you tweet on me ever again boy
Don't tweet at me ever again
You're so irrelev-