Menoh Beats
Feel It
Shouts to the whole riv man, city where i live bro
Ion do it for the fame, I do it for the love
Some people spittin all that trap sh*t
While im spittin out some cla**ics
My sh*t is so drastic, people be spittin but they be plastic
They tell me im mad sick, I know im expanding ma**ive
Planets to other planets, im feelin it runnin rapid
Overlappin that track, sh*t, you be on that trap sh*t
Everything i spit its like im ill, yall know im mad sick
Pa** me up some advil and ill get up off my a** b*t*h
While yall n***as crackin up im not i got that chapstick
Yall sinnin? Detraction, Im winnin, f**k your traction
Pullin you in closer to the badness of your actions
Whenever I got a 10, f**k a dime man, i stack it
Whats the point of waistin when the hours barely lastin
Im laughing at n***as cashin out on that hash sh*t
Bad sh*t, mad sin, thats just my distraction
So f**k it my n***a, im bouta chill on bein rancid
Yall be trynna stack that bread, pick up all your crumbs kid
Wooohh, woo
Yeah, that how we do it in the riv, sh*t
Its how we do it in the riv, sh*t
Its how we do it in the riv
Verse 2, Verse 2, verse 2 ..aye
Now undistract yourself from stupid sh*t like
Slitting wrists and lighting splifs
Im always undeniying sh*t, while yall n***as denying it
Im laughing cuz yall probably did, yall didn't undeny my sh*t?
Take a seat and think, cuz yall be lion like mophasas kid
Im takin it back, im gone be one of the greatest
See yall n***as denying, but all yall b*t*h n***as hatin
Yall rappers wanting the fame, but i know that, that sh*t is dangerous
Me, id rather make a mill, no one know what my name is, sh*t
Man but yall b*t*h n***as rookies cuz you get eaten like cookies
That "simple sh*t". understood me?
Money sh*t overtook me, brewfurd kids overlook me
Son im callin you goofy, cuz you be lookin like scooby
When munchin out after doobies, you knew me?
Nah b*t*h, this the new me, they sayin who he?
After that they sayin ooooweeee, cutie
Girl ill have you mesmerized bout cool dreams
You and me together, ill have you looking like a true queen
Wooohh woo
Yuh, thats how we do it in the riv, Thats how we do it in the riv
Yo Aye, shouts to my brotha, just graduated, cla** of 1 7
Yeah my n***a made it, he made it (my n***a made it he made it my n***a mde it he made it)
Look, some people hate all the time, sh*t we wastin no time
No delay up in my mind, while some n***as be gettin high
But sh*t, some n***as payin for sin, while others prayin to win
But every loser wins one day when winners losing the win
You feel me? But that ain't sh*t n***a, clearly
I hope yall n***as feel me but dont fear me n***a dearly but really
This rap thing is something im not above
But f**k it because i do it for the lyrics that i love
Embrace it, you heard me n***a!
Create it, do it without erasing
And slow it down dont race it my n***a
Pase it, embrace it
Show them n***as who the f**k you are son and do it
Till these n***as know that you the hardest one bruh
Killer grunt, ughhh, killed yall and i never had a gun
Lyrics that im speakin's increasing, you can't reach it
They seize it but never leave it, the grievance to all agreements
Is makin people believe it, hope yall n***as achieve it ya feel it?
Woohh yeah
The grievance to all agreements its makin em believe it ya feel it?
I hope yall n***a feel that sh*t, sh*t man
I know yall n***as feel that sh*t