I just wanna show you how il grow into this industry
Cut the check in half im not talking lines of symmetry
Being with your friends and face to face with all these enemies
I never allow negativity to get the best of me
Why you thinkin less of me
Hold onto that positivity
These different synergies
Peacemakers my family

Different hoes, sensitive
She talking like i wanna handle it
What you asking of me is embera**ing
And you tryna say that im average
GtA 5 in a cadillac
Play with the words i be eloquent
Making a mess of the damages
Breaking the bank with your balances
Out in the wild with these savages
Flyer than bird's im after
Sensei you the master you showed me how to be a rapper
Might close the book by a dirty chapter these words are twisted by the pastor
If a young n***a don't get money is the only thing were ever after
Naturally i bring disaster
Seek revenge on my attacker
Whole house full of backup
Tennis courts how we rack up
Macbook how we type now
Orange juice over sprite now
Thick b*t*h what i like now
Might turn to her to a wife now

Birds I be in the cloud like a bird we gon make it big f**k a hurdle
But I'll be in the cloud like a bird I don't f**k around with a Dutchie
Flight school is a cla**ic this is vinyl play old school sound but
N***as wth new heights with no fright I catch flights like late night
This summer vibes my message bright she the papers kind she be memorised by the reefer smoke

These birds
Been around with these birds
More time with your best friend
Now she treating me like a best friend
Highways like a dead end
Lets have a picnic
She ended up kissing
Told you i ain't got the time for that sh*t
I thought that you were kinda different you Switched
I opened up my eyes to that b*t*h
Im tryna be Mandela like idriss
You crooked eye always telling crooked lies
Tryna end my life before i reach my prime

About to reach my f**king prime yea
About to lose my f**kin mind i only f**k with stoners high
Lets smoke a pound we heavyweights
Jevan got whip till late today
So this time around i might just even overstay
Sober souls are tryna get a n***a living sober hey
Chiefin in the parkin lot we used to take chances
Ace gon pull up with the benz like what is your engine?
Yall n***as dependent
Paper chase we at it
Operation planned it
Money yeah i manage

If i could sing with the birds in the trees
While catching a breeze
I got my heart on my sleeves, baby come f**k with me now baby come f**k with this child
The vision is golden I'm up in a clouds like the birds birds