Outro (Think For Yourself)
How many of us in our growing years were encouraged to think for ourselves and question authority not with new ideas the aim of the game until Dr spott came along in 1946 which created the 60's by the way.Dr Spott was the first person who told our parents Hey your job is too teach your kids to be individuals and to encourage your kids to be individuals and to treat your kids as individuals ahh jesus when he said that, thats the most submissive statement you can make talk about anarchy forget it when you teach kids to be individuals you're undercutting every religion and every ahh..organisations and every political ahh..? system ? all history no matter if your left,right christian,jewish ? everybody who had an organisation agreed that you had to take kids and get them to line ? kids were moving logs all around you got to get them with a carrot,you got to get them to perform and join the pack hmmmm this moment in world history as we leave the industrial industry move on to the post industrial industry ahh its not only your pleasure to think for yourself its your duty you got to think for yourself in the information age