(Intro: Sonny Vision + Zeldene)

Don't be afraid I got you something
Bet you bout to blow from none to some so high

(So high) (Yeah)

And if you got doubts it's cool no pressure
One day's gonna be prove it all was worth it dawg

(It was)

(Verse 1: Sonny Vision + Zeldene)

And even through those nights that you wanted to cry
Started doubting yourself like it's better just to die

I know I know
Just take it slow oh
I know you wanna blow
I know you wanna see the world there's so much to explore
Let's go

(Hook: Peacemakers + Franklin Soulkid + Zeldene)

So don't be afraid to take a step further
Reaching out to higher purpose

With my eyes wide shut on the prize
Running, Running, Running
Oh so high

With my head up in the sky
Won't you stack my bread up
Till we alright again
That's why I stand behind my pen

(Outro: Franklin Soulkid)

**Harmonics and melodies**