[Produced By: Kid Wasabi]

[Intro: Sonny Vision]


Yeah (You dig)
Hey (You dig)

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Sonny Vision]

Tracing thoughts of a state of mind I used to have
I was fortunate enough to be the helping man

I scratched the surface just a bit (what?)
Seems like we lacking truth, that was lacking everything

How you so involved all I really see is us (uh)
Chilling at the mall we had shawties in the cut

Came home it was 3 am (Real late, ay)

She was in my DM tryna ask if we gon link again

Tell my story to the kids who listen (Tell my story)

Make your dreams really
Make your dreams really possible

All my n***as got the options you know

Shawties cut me down that sh*t was cool

Went to school
But I’m tryna evolve

I ain’t thinking bout the future yet
I’m just chilling where the movement at