Hungry Lights
A Drunken Stalemate
As I sat alone
My low, rose eyes scoured the tavern
In that ma** of riffraff
Maybe I'd find an outcast that had whipped the chance I pined

A darkness flowed beside me
It smelled of rain and low tide
Curious, I queried for a dance
Them' types of mirrors?
They show things they don't mean to

How she would cough the cue
The music blared, we swirled and dipped
I draped a mask and swaggered like I'd been a mess
My breath was foul with ale and smoke and fumes
This drunken stalemate had locked me where I stood

And as she blathered horns of nonsense
Not soon enough, she burnished my covet prize
And like a fool, I set out into the storm
And like a fool, pursued