Hungry Lights
I Am The Forest
The forest scribbles out the answers
I don't listen, I don't care
I break my shell in all directions
-From the soil to the air
I bore, I'm born, I'm free, I'm here
My soul—my core
It smiles
-No fear

I wonder if I'm okay
I struggle with each new day
I'm younger than all my peers
But I'm alive

My father lives atop the mountain
My mother sleeps beside the lake
My brothers and sisters all surround me
We all sway together in the breeze
I'm tall, I'm scrawny, I strain to be heard
But I'm strong, and I follow my faith
-No fear

I wander—ascend for years
I stretch my roots into the earth
Now I tower above my peers
I'm alive

I've grown into the eyes of the forest
I am proud, I look down upon my peers
A stranger with an ax now stands before us
-I fall