Hungry Lights
Three Gods & Me
O’ I gasped and breached the sky!
-Was being sent to the heavens
Surely to suffer by the hammer of my final god
But honor kept me anchored here
Arms up, pulled the chain
I plummeted back into his hands
With no net and no failsafe
O’ I invited the fall, for I knew...

You’d witness my strength and behold my glory!

Borderline—on the cusp of sanity
I was wild-eyed—no need for reason
And my slump was turned to an asteroid grazing across it all
-The expense of understanding me
Then I invented his fall
For I knew…

You’d witness my strength and behold my glory!

Caught in the triumph
I saw myself bigger than ever before
And the chaos and wonder inside my head?
O’ I couldn’t care anymore!
I flourished, the fever I had was gone
-A plashet of oil and blood
The outside now echoed my victory
For I conquered all!

Three gods came to me
And they sat me down
And they spoke of candor
What did I desire from them all?
But they knew…

Well, young champion
You've done it
You've beaten all three gods
And you've won your freedom
I suppose there is a first time for everything
I know you weren't expecting a type of reward but..
You've truly earned it
I suppose I am sort of wondering
What does your heart desire?
To witness my strength and behold my glory!
Now witness my strength!