Hungry Lights
A Map To The Heavens
O' did I run! 
Did I have much to say! 
But I saved it for the fireside 
Where we drank til’ we were drunk 
‘Til our minds were in a haze 
That's my favorite time to tell a secret… 
Get it off your chest 
It'll help you feel okay! 
I won’t even recall what you said anyway! 
Another drink for my friend 
For his secret's been told! 
-A map to a mountain of silver and gold 

I wise man once told me all I have is my time, 
So I took his bet, 
Said the world would be mine 
Then the planets aligned, 
And we met here today 
Turns out my luck's not as dry as I thought! 
In the old days, good fortune just fell in my lap, 
But who needs windfall 
When a knife to the back 
Can make a man blather every inch of his soul? 
Most folks just aren't that much fun in a normal conversation 

When you get a map to the heavens, 
You should probably keep it in a safe 
Where people like me can't come along 
And pluck it from your fingertips 
What was yours is better mine 
What's to say? 
I'm a snake 

I'd been hiding up in the snow from my shame 
Baby, I’m never going home 
The sun in my eyes forces tears, 
But I don’t feel anything 
When I watch people die, 
They're just props on a stage, 
And I’m a callous monologue 
If I get into Heaven, 
Best believe all the angels'll run away 
Because a person like me comes along 
And plucks the halo from their heads 
What was yours is better mine 
What's to say? 
I'm a snake 

O’ did I run! 
Did I have much to say! 
But my safety-pin attention has me cling to better things 
I'm thinking pa**ion's just a pocketful of change, 
So go cash in your obsessions, 
And let's have a feast! 
I stole the map to paradise 
And wasn't giving back 
I'm the fox that killed the chicken, 
And I've got it by the neck! 
The priests all preach humility 
-A coward's claim to fame 
We're going to the Promised Land 
And coming back as kings! 

Looking at myself from the heavens, 
I can say no one could ever take my place 
It's not every day someone like me comes along 
And shows you how to be yourself 
Everyone else? 
Well, they can jump off a bridge 
I don't believe in fairy-tales 
I don't believe in dreams 
I don't believe in anything that's not in front of me 
I can't foresee the outcome 
I don't even have a plan! 
But I'm certain I could fly if I only had the chance! 
Nobody wants to look at me until I'm in their face 
Sons of b*t*hes like to talk, 
But they don't have a lot to say 
We might be baking enemies, 
We might be baking friends, 
Might be cooking up a fortune, 
Might be setting up the table again