Hungry Lights
Fed us doubt just to see us cower 

Trouble comes in pairs 
I could’ve heed this warning, 
But I was busy removing the head of a hydra 
-Dead to rights was it 

Was there anything you could’ve said 
To provoke a good response? 
‘Cause now I’m in dismay 
And I know we’re all in danger, 
And I know we’re all afraid, 
But the Promised Lands' worth it in the end 

I hack further into my feelings 
I slice closer to the source 
Problems sprout like little seedlings 
-Take one out, then birth two more 

I couldn’t make this up 
I was after anything thing to show I’m brave 
I am stuck in a jungle of avarice 
-Kept me hungry 
-Kept me a slave 
I only did more action ‘cause my words never found their home 
I tried to tell myself there was hope and no more misery 
Ah—that was the end of me… 
Ever since that day I’ve self-destructed 
I’m the enemy 
I’ve made my peace with that, 
And it’s okay 
We don’t survive and get to walk away without a scratch 
No, trouble comes in pairs! 
And it comes in starving, 
Comes in violent, 
Comes in snarling, 
Comes in angry and greedy 
No one can make it stop 
I fear we’ve neared the end of the rope 
I couldn’t make this up! 
I was after anything to give me strength, 
And I interpret that as virtue 
I interpret that as justice and good deeds, 
But you know that I know it’s over 
Don’t you know I know! 
That’s why you jab at me with prejudice, 
And I keep being more and more discreet 
Convinced that I can change the outcome 
I flounder as I’m cutting 
And cutting and cutting and cutting the heads 
-Wild and rampant! 
We can’t stop it! 
No, trouble’s always coming 
And coming and coming and coming in pairs, 
But it took that doubt to make me cower