Hungry Lights
Mudoo Ra
One shovel from insane
When I realized the bar was set to high
But avarice had surely caught me by the toe
Dragged me through the mud
Stuck me in the center
Then the feast began!
O' I’d lost my hand!
Shouldn't have been much a surprise to me
And I confess, there was a godsend
It seems good fortune still appears to those
Who walk the path of carelessness and greed

And with flesh comes sentience

Fate decrees from a part of your world
I'm forever between something I’m not supposed to know
And all the thoughts that float around it
-Influence the way that I contain myself
And I don't even want to
Yea well, maybe I'm just done with being told
I'm not good enough
-Good enough
-Good enough

And with madness comes negligence

You should look beyond your bleakness
Pray your sadness to the beast
Don't be comrades with the weak
And you'll be glad the symbiosis was bestowed

And surely half the bad I've done'll be washed away
Because all beauty comes clean
And I could feel myself anew
The scars of my decay had been erased

Your feet remember all the places you’ve been
But things intertwine and override when they’re complete
Placed around the table
Where only dreadfulness secretes
All my horrors brought to light
What an unsanitary world
And I'm a part of it

Placed ‘round the table
All of my terrors brought to light
And I’m unfamiliar with this type of process
I'm already elbow deep in travesty
And hellbent on staying gold
‘Cause sin's been such a tragedy
And I'm done with favors
But what do you say
To the hecklers all in the black of the room?
Do you settle the score?
‘Cause the moment you turn your back
They will come
I’m good enough to recognize I've gotcha' when I see it
The better it tastes
The more you're likely to try it again
And the better it tastes, you'll try harder
We're all just victims
No one can help it
No one can help it