Zach Clayton
How Bout Dat
Let's Go
Yo it's time to cook up a Bregoli
Gonna make me bring back the old me
How you gonna roast me and the homies
When you on probation at 14
Yeah you had it coming let's face it
Yeah I swear your style is so basic
Went and dropped racks on some gold teeth
When you really should have gotten braces

You said my head shaped like a pineapple
I can call my barber up real fast
Took your ugly att**ude on Dr.Phil
Not a single way you can fix that
Acting real hard with your lemon head
Hope you listen to everything I said
Keep coming at me with the drama
And imma have to go and call Barbara

Oh and barbara's her mom by the way huh
Y'all I'm just getting started though
Like if ya'll think I'm going hard here you go

Yo this beats fire I'm just heatin' up
Roasting you was easy what's next
Look I'm fittin' light that b*** up
Like the way you smokin' on them cigarettes
Turnin' up a notch it's about time
I'm singing for your head with these punchlines

I'ma take it back like your hairlines
Like when you hit that woman on the hairline
What was you thinking when you diss me
Made you whole plan lookin' fishy
I know you f**king lying with that ponytail
Lookin' like Angie of Shark Tale

Yeah I'm comin' hard and not holdin' back
I did my homework yeah I'm stating facts
Like when you momma dragged you by your tracks

She catches you inside now
How Bout Dat?