Arizona Zervas


All for the 'Gram
b*t*hes love the 'Gram
Oh, wait, sh*t
Brr, brr (Ayy, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy)
Brr, brr, brr, ayy
Skrrt skrrt
94 don't need no brakes, yeah

Roxanne, Roxanne
All she wanna do is party all night
Goddamn, Roxanne
Never gonna love me, but it's alright
She think I'm an as*h**e, she think I'm a player
She keep running back, though, only 'cause I pay up
Roxanne, Roxanne
All she wanna do is party all night

[Verse 1]
Met her at a party in the hills, yeah
She just wanna do it for the thrill, yeah
Shorty drive a poodle with no top (Top, top)
But if I throw this money, she gon' drop, ayy
She don't wait in lines if it's too long
She don't drive the whip unless the roof off
Only wanna call when the cash out
Only take the pic when her ass out
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