"Shattered Glass"

[Intro: Rockit]
I can feel something inside of me
Can you break it?
I can feel something inside of me

[Verse 1: NemRaps]
How can you breathe when you
Live in an existence that doesn't know what to make of you
And place you in inescapable rooms they say are safe for you
And daily they sedate you and tell you that you’re incapable
They can shatter my bones, but my mind is unbreakable
Fulfill my purpose, unleash the Beast
Blood will spill and trickle into the streets
Why? Because pain is all I know in my life
I will share this pain with the world in my sights
I am the mastermind, villain in the darkness
Embodiment of wisdom, brilliance incarnate
These are not delusions of grandeur
You wanna know the truth yet you dare not seek the answer

[Chorus: Rockit]
They will never understand
Breaking through a broken man
I'll do anything I can
Pick apart your past like it's shattered glass (shattered glass)
Shattered glass
Shattered glass
Pick apart your past like it’s shattered glass
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