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"Batman vs Joker"


Batman (NonelikeJoshua):
It's the hour of the Dark Knight
Heard you on the prowl, so I'm browsing for the spotlight
Bat signal's lit now I'm bound for a long flight
Try to destroy Gotham, are you out of your mind? Quite
Man you drunk on power, it's about to be a barfight
Joker the coward, knock you down and then you hog tied
Never in need of a gun when I'm quicker with every combo I try
In my bat cave Harley Quinn is locked up tight
Then I'm working when the sun's down, Sunday through Saturday
Joker now you dumbfound, thinkin you can have your way
What goes around comes around: batarang
I'm vigilant and rich as sh*t
Put em together and I'm bringing your imprisonment
The wickedest and villainous
I'll put a smile on your face only with a fist
I'm vigilant and rich as sh*t, the wickedest and villainous
Behind bars in Arkham's where I finish this

Joker (NerdOut):
A grown man in tights that loves running with boys
Luring kids into his cave with all of those wonderful toys
Before I take off, let me blast this rocket launcher then I'll skate off
Explosions pay-off, vocal agent of chaos
Local vagrants with chainsaws, popping Robin's the trade off
You don't believe in guns while I'm bombin' Gotham with napalm
Ooh the screams! Your bogus schemes become broken dreams
Mister J's comin', wait til they get a load of me
How's Jason? Oops, I know that's a pain to mention
How many Robins should I kill before you've paid attention? Hold up, wait, just listen
I'm villainous and venomous
Put it together and I'm corrupting to citizens
I'm killing kids so innocent
The Dark Knight's nemesis, I'm so infamous
I'm villainous and venomous, my wickedness is limitless
I got scars, Bats why so serious?
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