You know what
Ayy, ayy

Get money just to throw away
Overstate blessings, instead of dwelling on my old mistakes
Know the pains heavy, I can feel it in my soul today
Waiting on my phone to ring
I sit on a throne of missed calls and connections
Starred imperfections
I miss home when I long for attention
And hit your hoe when I want some affection
Wrong first impressions, cost of depression
And you don’t get a second chance
I’m pinching pennies just to get the sh*t I never had
I’m in the deli with a spliff inside my zipper pack
When Mackaveli it my whip ‘cause I been in my bag
Nobody tell me how to get it now I’m living bad
But I can’t blame that sh*t on them, that’s why I’m feeling sad
I’m still ashamed of all my sins and I’m still getting past
I hear your name and feel regret, but that’s just in the past
My independence got me proud for a while
I can’t do no advice bro
Why you worried ‘bout my life, don’t you notice running cycles?
Got me spinning like a cyclone, uh
I pen these writtens for survival
What, ayy, I’m in the cuts smokin haze
Young n***a with my luck in the grave
I keep playing puppy love, it's a stage
But each day I’m on the cusp of a rage
I can’t let go
And you could feel it off the get go
f**ked up gon’ be written on my headstone
Yeah, I’m love drunk off of you
Dust off a jewel, glue it to a crown, put in on your head
The way your skin is brown, they gon’ want you dead Deep beneath the ground, eyes burning red, sky turning red
Folded like a scroll, 'cause when I be around
With you ‘til to the end, when I be around
With you til the end, I’ll be with you til the end
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