Lonely Road


[Verse 1: Jay Cinema & ZekeUltra]
My adolescence been filled with lessons
Looking in the mirror all I see is blessings
Opportunity knocking, but I’m second guessing
I know my pencil is a weapon
My feet in hell, but my head in heaven
I been messing up my essence
Instead of working I’m resting
Even on cold nights I’m sweating
I been betting on myself
I just need you to know the pain I felt
I just want to live well
I guess time will tell
I be walking in snow
Cold to the bone
Papa was a rolling stone
Mama turned the dirt into a cozy home
Still I roam alone on this lonely road

[Verse 2: ZekeUltra]
Who really there for me when I need it
Who finna talk for me when I’m speechless
Want money but there’s no time to be greedy
They said the lord coming I could see it
I could tell you fake
By how you yell at ya fam
But to the other side you silent as hell
Well, I don’t trust you
So you can’t come around to the land that I dwell
And girl, I love you I just want a little time to myself
I don’t even want the fame, I want some land on the hills
Cause n***as petty, they just want some thrills
And I don’t want confetti when it’s heavy
And I’m clearing the fields
The broke the levy’s and expected to chill, for real
That’s f**king dead, imma living man
I got work to do, we hurting and I feel it bad
But it’s a purpose that ain’t worthless so I’m giving thanks
On this road you know move with grace, through the pain

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