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"Paper Tags"

**mellyflacko on the beat b*tch
**mellyflacko on the beat**
Whoo mhmmm yeaaa

(Hook) - Cash

Now - a - days I'm moving at a different rate
For the better, give or take, all these people do is take
I can see it in your eyes, you a snake
Margiela propellers b*tch I'm bout to fly away
I just spent a bag made it right back
Hoppin off the plane still got jet lag
Pink slip came with the paper tags
Ridin' in that jag I could never be last

(Verse) - Cash

I just made a band lets see how my day go
And i'm building blocks n*gga like its lego
I been getting to the chips & the queso
Ya pay slow, I could put you in the payroll
I been smashing on the gas, 140 on the dash
Know you see me riding past, Bet ya hoe let me smash
This year all gas, pus*y n*ggaa won't last
I dont need the last laugh, Cause I keep a glad bag
When you get too much cash put the safe in the floor
I ain't coming outside for 100 or more
Man these n*ggas washed up found they ass on the shore
D'usse in my cup, a whole bunch get poured
I just skrt'd off the lot with a lot! (skrt!)
Bankroll knots ain't fitting in the pockets
And i'm with a b*tch she dont say a lot
Yea she know i'm on my job, she say cash I'm rooting for ya!


(Verse) - Cloudy

Bloudy i been mobbin in the cut doe
Turn that lil bitty to a smut hoe (Ya-Ya)
Shots around the city better duck low
Shotty & the semi n*ggas cut throat
Body me a bitty & I'm gone
I dont want no texts to my phone (No no)
Flexing on my ex's for too long
Good night and then i tell them leave me lone


(Verse) - Mike Zombie

Yall still knocking off drugs f*ck a zip
Boy i upgraded my life, Now i'm knocking off cribs
Got the silver jacket full of percocets
Runnin sh*t back home now its time to do the west
Imma do the dash cause I paid cash
Was only 20 dealer looked at me like "how he get that"
(Yea!) Don't confuse me with these IG n*ggas
Put in my work check my time sheet n*gga
I don't act you wanna line me n*gga
Yea my goons see things that my eyes see quicker
(Yea!) Not a new toy don't try to try me n*gga
Moving at a different rate like my heart sleep n*gga Z!


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