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"The Outro"


I don't feel no pressure
b*tch I’m born in April
To the critics hello
The supports thank you
They gone point out all ya flaws
And try to rearrange you
Don't ever let em change you
Smoking og backwoods
Plotting on a breakthrough
I mean it's getting too easy
I Barely need a Take two

Ya Shorty all up at spot and she too unfaithful
Talkin bout cash got racks, Conceited the label
Most of these n*ggas tellin lies and all types of fables
Baby you know I got sauce and all type of ladles
Crazy, dealing wit rats, snakes, all the betrayal
How to stay balanced in a world, Still unstable
I’m at the point I'd rather die than be ungrateful
...This life sh*t sacred
That margiela, when I step get em frustrated
n*ggas broke & outdated
Tryn get my Mind right the whole foundation
I'm tryna get my moms right life vacations
Put in overtime, So they dont gotta live basic
Working for myself & the next generations
Cop came thru f*ck em we don't even say sh*t
n*ggas talking down, come around they won't say sh*t
Benz coupe spaceships, Yea we on to better things
Tried to cross me one time n*ggas all enemies
...Still plotting on them big rings
Swear this sh*t was all a Dream
2015, I was up in hp, always kept a hp
Family on mind I never see em, so I can't sleep
Don't know where my head been lately
Ain't got time to move shaky, girl I’m way too wavy
Don’t you dare try play me, I'm making plays like I’m Brady
These cold winters get shady, so I can't get too faded
Can't let my mother get that call like he just couldn't make it


Look ... so that’s what I'm on
They gone laugh when you here
& They gone cry when you gone
Streets took my brother from me
Left my heart all torn
You couldn't walk in my shoes
Dog they way too worn
What am I looking for
Something harder to find
I'm hearing all of the lies
They tell but I'd never resign
Bad b*tch get all of my time
Lay up wit basketball chick
And she look like Sanaa !!!


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