Lizz Robinett
Deep Sea Girl
Sinking deeper down and down in a sea of my sadness
I’ve shut myself inside my own world
There is no one who can find me here in a place like this
I’m alone and that’s the story of the Deep Sea Girl

I don’t know where I am or what I should do
But suddenly I’m blinded by a ray of light
And I realized I could reach it if only I had tried
But a wave of water comes to wash it out of my view

It leaves me with a feeling so warm like the sun
So bright and dazzling, I almost wanted to break loose
But I stayed behind my counter illumination
So who is hiding the truth?

Little girl inside the sea, sinking down into the deep
‘Til the world all around her is as dark as it could be
Little girl inside the sea, wants to know the person she saw then
Because there is somebody who makes her want to live again...

In the place where I am now, there is no day or night
So here I am awake inside this endless dream
But I think back to the way that you freely spread wings
You were absolutely beautiful when you took flight

And once again the rays of light are catching my eyes
You turn in time to see me staring straight at you
And as you start to make your way towards me I finally realize
It’s me who’s hiding the truth...
Little girl inside the sea, falling down into the deep
Breaks the darkness around her with the redness in her cheeks
Little girl inside the sea, just wants to have her heart be seen as is
But the cruel ocean won’t allow for petty things like this!

And I know that all the clothes I wear are torn up and dirty
The smile on my face no longer means I’m happy
There is no way that I can possibly let myself be shown
So please, just leave me alone!

Suddenly all the feelings that I had kept inside me burst, melting down
And then I tried to look for you but came to realize that you’re nowhere to be found…

Little girl’s anxiety builds inside her steadily
She is scared that darkness took the one she wants to meet
Feeling trapped inside the sea, she cannot help but to reach out her hand

“You also have splendid colors in you, do you understand?”

Little girl inside the sea, slowly led up from the deep
As she hears songs of blessings from the snow coloured marine
Little girl inside the sea, wants to know the person she saw then
Because she has found the one who makes her want to live again!

And now that I’m out of the ocean, I’ll take off again…. !