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Michaela Laws

"Yandere Rap Battles! Yuno VS. Ayano!"

Ayano: So... You're saying that if I do
This, I’ll be able to win Taro's heart?

Yuno: Easily

Ayano: Thank you. I appreciate the help

Yuno: No problem. Don't worry
You’ll graduate from being a
Novice Yandere in no time

Ayano: A... Novice?

Yuno: Maybe one day, you might
Even be as well-known as me!

Ayano: Oh. Is that so? I wonder
Whose face shows up when you do
A Google search for Yandere?

Yuno: Well, that's me of cour-

Ayano: Sorry. Guess you're not on
Top anymore. Such a shame. Your
Yuki must feel so embarrassed


Ayano: I think I just did


Muru-Muru: And now! The Yandere rap
Battle you've all been waiting for!
Yuno Gasai, VS, Ayano Aishi! Begin!

Yuno: Who do you think you're dealing
With? You think YOU'RE number one?
Hah! Please don't make me
Laugh! Beating you will be fun!
I'm the Queen of Obsession!
Everybody knows my name!
You’re ’popular' now but you
Don’t have HALF my fame!
Yuki, Yuki let me take this girl out!
She wants to try to take my throne
Like she knows what it's about!
Ayano Aishi, my future diary states:
I'll end you faster than
An axe to your face!

Ayano: You weren't the first
Yandere. You just made it a trend
But every queen’s greedy
Reign must come to an end
Don't act like you're perfect
You made a million mistakes
Trying to count all your failures
Would give me a headache!
You caught your man, drugged him
And tied him down in some place
But he managed to escape and
Even slapped you in the face!
What kind of a Yandere
Would let her man go free?!
And do I even need to mention
The thing with Tsubaki?

Yuno: At least I got to go on
A date with him, unlike you!
You get so nervous around Taro
You don't even know what to do
Except squirm around as if
Your IQ dropped to FIVE
Taro's better off without

Ayano: It doesn't make a difference
If you're fine around Yuki
I'm still more stable than you-
And my parents still love me!
Or do I have to throw you back
Into that little cage you hate?
I'll lock the door, melt the key
And let the rats seal your fate!

Yuno: I got Yuki in the end
And became a GOD, remember?!
A Yandere never stops
Gives up, or surrenders!
But when your Senpai sees you
Slice a girl's throat open
You fall to your knees

Ayano: When the screen fades to black
That doesn't mean that's a wrap
Because you seem to have forgotten
That I have the choice to SNAP
You may have grown into a
Yandere, but I was BORN broken
Now let's see whose name you
Scream when I rip your chest open!

Taro: Um... Yukiteru?

Yuki: Huh? Oh, hi Yamada!

Taro: Wanna go get some food? I...
Think they'll be at this for a while

Yuki: Alright. Hey, uh, what are you...

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