70cm Square Window (From “Dragon Ball Super” FULL Ver.)

Michaela Laws

A 70cm square window...

The sky's a bit clearer today
The rain has passed me by
I went to open up the window again
I can't remember why
The sighs that I kept pinned to the walls
Have flown out of the room
Soon I'll find my way to you

I have always kept thoughts of you inside of me
In my heart, I know we'll meet in reality
I'll find my way to you! I promise! Just wait and see!
Until then I'll keep on walking endlessly

When I recall your smile once again
It quickly fades away
The feelings that I've kept deep inside
Have melted down anyway
I pretend that I had never
Ever cared for the memories
I just move on silently

I have always kept thoughts of you inside of me
That's how I keep on treasuring you in my memory!
You may be gone for now, but you'll see eventually
In my heart the truth of my thoughts in graffiti

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