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[Intro: Jennie]
TOUCH Ttudurubbau

[Refrain Jisoo & Jennie]
[JS] Ne soni nae heorireul gamssago done
Front to my back nae mommaeneun teukbyeolhae (Oh yes)
[JN] Ne nunbicheun I know you wanna touch
Like touch touch touch
T-touch Ttudurubbau

[Verse 1: Lisa]
Here I come kickin' the door, uh
Act like I'm buying the store, uh
You better give me some love (love)
Boy, fill it up gimme some more
Feelin' like I think that I need pray
But you need it more
Lord, give me the strength
'Cause I'm at my limit
And in just one minute
You gonna be visiting heaven
But might not get in it (Ttudurubbau)
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