"Billie Jean"

Finish up please


[Verse 1]
Money make it come in, bullets make it hurt
I don't need to know, come and get what you deserve
Baby, drive it slow, got it drippin on the curb
Money goin' up and its feelin like a church
Strippers comin' down pole, time to throw it up
Money comin' in ain't no way to slow it up
[?] blow it up
I might have them Jackboys pull and show it up
Droptop Ricky what they call me in the streets
I don't even gotta show them n***as what I mean
Go top 'em [?] I don't got no [?]
Moonwalk, no that is not my Billie Jean
Bag zipper zipped, n***a zipped up
Double up whatever in ya tip cup
The condom slipped off, I ain't slipped up
I think I found God in thе strip club

Hold with me [?] money really green
Wholе bunch of n***as pullin' up a magazine
[?] love me what you need
She's my [?] I am not her Billie Jean
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