Monica Lewinsky (Ghetto Lenny One Takes)


[Chorus: SAINt JHN]
She's my Monica Lewinsky
She gon' bust it right here, 'cause it's risky

She got a code like DaVinci
Only gotta text one time, "Did you miss me?"
She gon' want to resent me
'Cause me and her best friend got history
She got the walk of the century
Girl, you really got some kind of intrigue

[Verse: SAINt JHN]
I don't want no smoke
I don't wanna learn how to drive in the Rari'
If you gon' tell me to go slow
I don't wanna think 'bout the life that we could've had
Lookin' at the past through a snow globe
Bought you Louis, Chanel, brands
Yeah, to make up for the time wasted
Go slow when you in the Matrix (Brrt)
I don't mind loco
I don't wanna almost get rich and turn back
Baby girl, nah, nah, I'm almost so close
I don't wanna lay here alone in the mansion
The world feels cold when the door closed
Wanna know my opening statement?
'Cause even though I been waitin'
Baby girl, I'm impatient

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