Awaken by the moon, amongst the stars doth I rise
To feel a breeze, to gaze the fires
My naked feet bleed the soil
To the father orb, begs my skin, drink the sun
I am dying, of feeding this life
To take existence
Bleed it out

If heaven cries
Its tears fall too late
On our charred remains
Cremated and given to the river
To fall to the sea
To flow to the abyss
I have become
You have become
We have become
The abyss

We have nothing, raped from us
We shall remain like these stars
That shine brighter then the heavens
Obscure, we are only to leap from shadows

What hand shall I fear?
No one
What path shall I fear?
The distance
What God shall I fear?
No one
What existence shall I feel?
Wait, wait
Oh, please wait
Don't go