Rap God Remix
I'm a Rap God I be Trapping with my

Squad I be on
Pride for Decades I be sharp like dem

Blades I got them
Shades to block the haters I'll knock you

Down I shutdown this motherf**ker
I be b on my Rap God swag Your the God

Of troll I be rollin
In that Bugatti it's a house party cause the

Rap God came to
Brush the haters off your nose light up like

Rudolph I be causin
Force The Rap God has something in store

For da hating a** boyz
Better make it snappy I be looking flee y'all

Look intimidated by the Rap Lord
Y'all can't afford them awards I be causing

Those storms everytime I shine
My punchline will define me as The realist

Rapper alive y'all be looking priceless
I be rapping timeless I got J's on my feet
Call me jumpman I be shutting down New Jersey cause
They praise me Rap God can't never be in

My level Call me Rap Devil I'm strong like

Metal Causing them skulls go fire
I'm a fighter I be getting the higher kills

Getting the higher deals feels damn crazy on this joint
I already made my point y'all disappoint

Me cause you actually thought you took me down
Pu**y boys looks like I got the crown I be

Makin those alarms go off Deezy gonna

Give it to ya Deezy live all the way up
Be callin my homies on speed dial I be

Crushing you're spinal making this sh*t
Go viral I'm gonna get my t**le for surving the Rap War
About to pour them shots of Hennessy
Ouuuuuu Chapi chapi on style I keep a few killls