Drop the World (Remix)
[Verse 1: Jordeezy]
I drop the world and I drop it on y'all motherf**ker, yeah
I drop the thunder and I drop it on y'all flows
I drop the bombs and I drop it on y'all tombstones
I drop the zone and drop it on y'all drone
Y'all know I own the world, I earned all the millions
I drop the Ambition and I drop it on y'all charts
Y'all want no part but y'all couldn't have been smart
But y'all wanna say I got no game?
I'ma remain on top of the fame
I became the Rap Lord, I poured them kills
I drop the chills and I drop it on y'all bones, y'all tones don't mean a thing
I drop the Big Bang theory and drop it on y'all universe
I drop the verse and I drop it on y'all dollars
I drop the chopper and I drop it on y'all show
Tomorrow I'ma get what's mine, my flow combine like peanut b***er
I drop y'all corpse and I drop it in the gutter
Y'all motherf**kers love the pain in y'all window pane
I'm so insane, y'all better stay off my lane
Dropped out of school 'cause I got addicted to Drop
The kills on the haters, I stay smoking that vapor
I be on my major flow y'all can nothing to show
Cause I blow the world, 'cause I'm just that awesome, I'm so awesome
Y'all want no problem cause I make sure I'll drop your life
Drop it on the motherf**king cliff, my heat ma**ive, my threat so ma**ive
And I make y'all froze I drop the beat and I drop it on the stage, rampage so crazy
I done to much damage, I be so savage, like I got no chill

[Verse 2:Jordeezy]
You try to do a diss but it failed
You tryna save your life but in reality
You don't got a life, I'll make sure you don't
Come back alive again, I'ma drop the world
And drop it on y'all moherf**king head
Yeah your girl is a dumb b*t*h my chick
Bad badder than yours my girl sucks this
D**k and handles her liquor you consider
You better than me and 'Slyrap
But you failed to take us down, you're a f**king clown
You don't got no friends
I raise them bars cause I been killing your game
I be dealing the flames on the roof
You got nothin to prove, I got the booze, too
Make me rapping automatic unstoppable
Sit your a** down, b*t*h boy
You tried to flex but everyone knows: no flex zone
I rap with no microphone
You try to bring up your group but you
Nothing compared to my group 412, or Duo Brothas
So we the realest rap group and your group
Are a joke you say you on radio
But I smell bullsh*t I'll rip you apart with the chainsaw
AKA, go to sleep, b*t*h, I beez on the trap
I be fleezing on da run, you talking about guns
But I bet you never had been shot with one
I broken your jaw, law says I'm the most feared rapper in New Jersey
'Cause them fake rappers there never survived my murderous flow I throw
You in the pits I'll have you disappear in minutes I got them digits from the baddest
B*t*h on my block, I knock you off
You never even know how to f**k your girl
Yet you making yourself look like a fool, I got the best tool
[Verse 3:Trae Dae]
It's been a better day
Since trae on the track aye
I got the weight of the world on my shoulders
So I threw it down like a boulder taking shots like I was a soldier
And y'all know I'm only getting older
Take you on a ride like you was a roller coaster
I joined the rap thing
Just to sing
Songs like I was rapping rap like I was singing
Give the ol' girl a ring
Dropped her on her bed
And it felt like I dropped the world
You see me on tour(x2)
Going across the world just to explore
You know I drop the world trae on the track aye
You know it's anew day since I drop the world today

[Verse 4:Brain Busta]
On this track called drop the world I drop the knowledge
Gonna be another 5 years before I go to college
If I ever battle you we'll all see your ego shrinking
We gonna kill this track like John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln
I'm rolling through your town now and I got skill
Lock up your local rappers cause I lyrically kill
Brain Busta rehearses the verses every damn time
I give y'all curses the worst is not being able to rhyme
It goes G to the O to the A to the T
Greatest of all time that would be me
Y'all try to beat me and Deezy it's easier than done
Cause at battles y'all say,"He won another one?"
I'm one son of a gun destroying all of these sucker MCs for fun
Of good lyrics I've got a ton watch y'all burn as I hurl y'all towards the sun
Don't even try to beat me cause It'll just be embarra**ing
I'll crush you like a beatle rest in peace Lennon and Harrison