Man on the Internet

"Dark Pit"

Into a shining dawn
To fight another day
The world keeps fighting on
And I see black and grey
Before the night falls
I´m gonna take flight
And then I´m gonna find my way

Into the fading dawn
I´ll beat all the odds
The world keeps fighting on
So I scream to the sky
Damn the gods

Soar though the sky
On cherubim wings
They look at me
Think they know everything
All alone but now I´m free
You can´t buy my loyalty
If this is my worst you see

Welcome to the darker side of me
The darker side of me

Into a shining dawn
See the darkness of man
I´ll never be a pawn
To a fickle lord´s plans

You start the attacks
Then we pick up your slack
And we´ll never be back where we began
Into the fading dawn
Or so it would seem
You´ll never get along
Goodbye, peaceful dreams
Damn your schemes!
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