XNE lyrics


[Verse 1]
Drop this missile
Blow back, havoc, got a god complex with an attitude issue
Silent whistle
Where my dogs at?
Close eyes then attack, if I’m blind then it’s civil
God whats with you
Chewing on the bone to the fat, no scraps, yeah I floss with gristle
Spit heavy lyrics till my teeth hurt
Jump out the bottle, turn a day into a weeks worth
I still carry knowledge ain't no scholar, I’m a teacher
I ain't gotta ponder, I say it out the speaker
Come to do slaughter, been the grim reaper
Risk with caution, I’m a thrill seeker
Here to get my portion, might use my cleaver
Looking likе a model, my face a teasеr
I’m anti social, I’d hate to meet ya
They bite the vocals cuz I duck features

[Verse 2]
How the LXRD get so large?
Couldn’t crack a smile, might open a scar
I’ve been flying miles now the world looks cropped
It’s all the same, live life then drop
If I see red then I’m going on charge
Take off heads, put em next to the vase
Sleep or awake, I can’t tell this apart
Spent less time with the screen in my palm...that’s real
Standing on my brain yeah I think on my feet
Weight on my head, tip toe to the dream
Missing all the bullsh*t that they throwing out to me
Never holla back, I’m still a master when I speak
I don’t want distractions
f**king sick of captions
Hirer someone else to handle social interactions
Focused on my actions
They want my ashes
I can’t give these motherf**kers any satisfaction
Had to keep the mask up in place
Keep all the trash out my face
Push me to the edge and test my brakes
Told em keep the trends, when it ends they’ll change
Way too blessed to be a mess on a stage
Rest with the best when I’ve quaded my age. I’m talking
Listen when I speak b*t*h
Treat them souly based on what your speaking
Watch what you’re feeling
You with no spine, really tried reaching
Sit back down, if you stand, catch a beating
No new friends, I don’t wanna do greetings
Medals and checks, I’m done competing n***a

Same Scar just a little bit bigger
No motherf**ker really wants war
Bad boy that general killer
Beat it n***a
Same Scar just a little big bigger
No motherf**ker really wants war
Bad boy that general killer

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